Healthcare Facility Sustainability

Managing Risk, Cost& Environmental Impact


Waste Clean Industries

A professional firm providing consulting, management, training and program development services assisting healthcare organizations ensure sustainable business operations. We infuse Client operations withwaste industry experience, subject matter expertise, tools, technologies and trained staff to design and implement solutions reducing resource consumption and waste volume, achieving social, environmental and economic benefit.

Sustainability is not a service you can rely on from a vendor. You must develop it from within.

Waste Clean Industries mission is assisting healthcare organizations operate sustainably, by developing and implementing enterprise solutions that reduce compliance risk, operating costs and environmental impact related to resource consumption and waste generation. We assist Clients create transparency by analyzing financial/operating data, identifying key metrics and baseline performance. Wediagnose operating inefficiencies and compliance risks, identify improvement opportunities, develop and implementimprovement strategies. We infuse Client operations with knowledge, tools, technology and training to reengineering processes, maximize safety/regulatory compliance, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Our model evolved from experience in the waste managementindustry. Our industry experts introduced “post consumption materials management” in healthcare, leading the development of integrated waste management solutions endorsed and implemented by leading healthcare organizations (AHA) and hospital networks (HCA). Our industry experience proves significant reductions in risk, cost and environmental impact can be achieved implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Sustainable Operations

  • Analyze Capture key metrics by conducting financial & operational audits
  • Strategize Prioritize objectives(compliance, cost and environmental goals)
  • Design Design ISO 14001 compliant framework, create scope of project
  • Implement Define process, timeline, training requirements & implementation strategy
  • Manage Track cost data, report environmental impact, review performance metrics to target goals

Reducing the Total Cost of Healthcare

Achieving sustainable operations requires implementing an EMS design that aligns cost and environmental objectives with the Client’s mission and culture. Waste Clean EMS analyzes Client operations, tracks data, measures performance, defines objectives, identifies opportunities, develops strategies, redesigns process, implements technology and trains staff to reduce compliance risk and operating costs while minimizing the social and environmental impact of healthcare generated wastes.

Waste Clean can be engaged on aproject (event) or management services (ongoing) basis.

Diagnostic analysis creates transparency by performing detailed financial/operational audits, developing baselines for compliance and cost, creating an opportunity matrix to achieve Client objectives. Program design/implementation reengineers process, implements technologies, and maximizes efficiency to reduce Client’s consumption of resources, waste volumes and purchased vendor services. Program monitoring tracks progress, reporting Client’s performance to baseline data and targeted objectives. Management services develop and direct waste programs, managing Client utilization of vendor services, reducing total waste volumes and costs. Waste Clean assists healthcare organizations achieve strategic and operating performance goals by facilitating the transfer of industry knowledge, process, tools and training to developour Clients’ internal competencies to create and maintain low-cost sustainable operations.

Client Benefits

  • Innovation re-engineering efficient design, process and operating practices.
  • Cost Savings reducing consumption of resources/services and waste volumes.
  • Strategic Positioning redesigning for long-term economic and environmental viability.
  • Brand Differentiation incorporating sustainability in values and business model.
  • Employee Engagement strengthening awareness and commitment within staff.
  • Customer Engagement attracting customers who share your values and beliefs.

Benefits from developing your facility Environmental Management System:

Integrate sustainability knowledge and process into your organization’s mission, culture, values and operations.

Advance beyond simple compliance with standards to achieve sustainable quantifiable economic value.

Convert sustainability into a long-term strategy to reduce the total cost of healthcare and to create a differentiated competitive advantage.


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